Cookie Jars by Red Wing potteries

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91 Red Wing cookie jars

Red Wing made cookie jars from 1925 to 1964. 1920ies jars were made in the Grey / spongeband  & Saffron lines.  In the early 1930ies Red Wing made jars that were Cold Painted (a process of decorating the jars with enamel paint after the glaze was applied and fired.) In 1938 the Fondoso dinnerware line included a cookie jar. In 1939 Belle Kogan designed 5 fruit shaped cookie jars that were produced in 5 colors. In 1941 Red Wing patented the Friar Tuck, Katrina, & Chef Pierre jars designed by Charles Murphy. In 1942 they produced the Hand Painted line of jars. In 1955 the King of Tarts & Merry Go Round jars were introduced. In 1962 jars were produced with "Bob White" & "Round Up" line hand painting. The last Red Wing cookie jars were the Drum (most often referred to as the Drummer Boy) and two pumpkin shaped jars - one large and a smaller, flatter version. Both pumpkins had a figure on the lid and have come to be known as the Jack Frost cookie jars.  9  11 
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