GSRW only Mini Red Wing pottery

25 years of miniature Red Wing Pottery Commemoratives is creating a ceramic history of Red Wing pottery production in miniature. Every year we select a Red Wing piece that is a fine example of an important aspect of Red Wing's varied production. Every mini Red Wing is marked & dated.    

Each current member may buy one of a limited edition of less than 100 commemoratives made each year. JOIN GSRW

Red Wing potteries Timeline 15. There where three main companies that produced stoneware in Red Wing: Red Wing Stoneware (1877-1906), Minnesota Stoneware (1883-1906) and North Star Stoneware (1892-1896).  Red Wing Stoneware and Minnesota Stoneware bought out North Star in 1896.13 Around 1900 brown salt glaze was replaced with white zinc glaze and small business custom advertising began.  In 1906 they merged to become Red Wing Union Stoneware. In 1929 they began making Bakeware including cookie jars. 1 From 1933 to 1937 Rumrill pottery was manufactured by Red Wing.  In1936 the company name was changed to Red Wing Potteries, Inc.  when the company started producing mainly art pottery and dinnerware. 

By 1936 because stoneware was declining in popularity (refrigeration and other new technologies offered better ways to preserve food than putting it in brine and storing it in a crock all winter) Red Wing Potteries Inc. increased production of art pottery & dinnerware. 
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