Tree Holder Christmas 1998 

GSRW miniature - tree holder 1998 3" A hand turned wood shape was used to make the plaster production mold. 

Original - Red Wing Union Stoneware Co. Christmas tree holder 1912.  This large heavy tree stand could hold a 3" tree trunk secured into the holder by screws or wedges.  A watering hole was added to later production.

Made by Slip-Casting  A thin suspension of clay called slip, about the consistency of cream, was poured into a plaster mold. Moisture is drawn out of the slip by the porous plaster, resulting in a layer of clay solidifying on the mold walls. When enough thickness has accumulated, the excess slip is poured out, leaving a hollow shell of clay, which shrinks away from the plaster as it continues to dry. The 2 piece mold is then opened and the piece is removed. A piece at this stage of production is called "leather hard" and can be easily hand trimmed. 
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