Crock 20 gallon 2007 

 GSRW miniature - 20 gal stoneware crock 2007 created by Mike Robinson

Original - Red Wing Union Stoneware Co. 20 gallon crock 10.5" 1911 to 1936. The 15 Crock sizes ranged from 2 to 60 gallons, each crock's size was marked with a stamped number of gallons. They are sometimes called "wing crocks" because they were decorated with a stamped red wing logo first used around 1911 after a bright red glaze was created using uranium. Many crocks also had the Red Wing oval mark. Red Wing Stoneware Company and the Minnesota Stoneware Company together produced 13 different ovals. The ovals applied to stoneware crocks and jugs identified the makers company name. Whenever the Red Wing or Minnesota Stoneware Company changed their name, they changed the oval to reflect the transformation so ovals are a fairly good indicator of when they were made. 
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