Milk Pan 2008 

GSRW miniature - Milk Pan 2008 - 4"created by Mike Robinson

Original - Union Stoneware Co. Milk Pan 7" 11" 15"  1906 1 Also called a shoulder bowl.

White-Glaze A grayish-white firing glaze produced from a mixture of clay, feldspar and zinc oxide, among other ingredients, began supplanting salt-glazing just before the beginning of the twentieth century. Glazes of this type had been widely used on earthenware in England, hence their name, Bristol glaze. Among stoneware collectors, they are better known as zinc glazes. Their clean, white appearance quickly replaced the browns and tans of the older salt glazed ware and removed the need for the Albany slip brown glaze to protect the interiors. It also was a great surface for applying advertising logos, trademarks and decorations using rubber stamps. 
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