25 gallon salt glaze jug 2011

GSRW miniature - 25 gallon salt glaze beehive jug 2011 4" created by Mike Robinson

red wing stoneware jug salt glaze

Original - Minnesota Stoneware Co. 1883 -1906  25 gallon salt glaze beehive jug 1

Salt-Glaze  A clear, glassy surface was created on the exterior of the ware while it was being fired by throwing common rock salt into the kiln. The heat vaporized the salt and the atmosphere reacted with the clay to form a sodium-silicate glaze on the surface. The interiors of pieces, which wouldn’t be exposed to the salt vapors, were sealed with a rich brown glaze. Capacity numbers and geometric or pictorial decorations were drawn by hand in rich cobalt blue on some pieces.

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