Red Wing Dinnerware hand painted pattern Exotic Shape Group

1957 Kermis Line - Exotic Shape - four jester variations.

Kermis A

Kermesse or kermis, is a Dutch language term derived from 'kerk' (church) and 'mis' (mass) that became borrowed in English and French, originally denoting the mass said on the anniversary of the foundation of a church (or the parish) and in honour of the patron. Such celebrations were regularly held in the Low Countries and also in northern France, and were accompanied by feasting, dancing and sports of all kinds. Arguably the first kermesse was an annual parade to mark the events of 1370.

Amsterdam was one of the places where kermis really went big. Kermis was originally a yearly market celebrating the consecration day of a town’s patron saint.  While the rich amused themselves with a Kermis stuk (a special play), peasant revelers immersed themselves in song until they all fell about rather tipsy. The festival often turned wild, and eventually unrest and rioting followed, as did a ban, in 1875. But it returned in 1949 by popular demand. 
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